Why Specialized Android Casinos are Better than Web Casinos

With smartphones getting more powerful by the day, many people are opting to do more on their handsets. Playing a good casino game from 1-onlinecasino-canada is one of the many things you can do with your Android device.

Android Casinos are Snappy and Intuitive

Designed with Android devices in mind, Android casinos are faster and easier to use than other website-based gaming platforms. They edge out the competition by leveraging native hardware capabilities only a dedicated mobile app can. These include:

  1. Downloading all animations and assets to your phone when you install the app. This speeds up loading and operation times.
  2. High-quality graphics since the Android casino doesn't have to load every graphic over the internet connection each time you play

These small differences have a huge impact on gameplay. Every game you try out will be faster and more enjoyable. You can focus on game rules and dynamics instead of worrying if your internet connection is fast enough.

They Are Less Bandwidth Intensive

Since the bulk of the app is already on your phone, you won't consume a lot of data when playing. This is very important to people who play on the go. It saves on money.

The app only sends game results which are small chunks of text. You won't feel the pinch even if you are often on a limited data plan or out of the country and roaming.

You Can Even Play Offline

Sometimes, casino games are all about entertainment and not money. Most Android casinos let you play a couple of games offline. The only caveat is your winnings might not translate into real money while playing offline.

Other casino apps might store this data and cash in when you are back online. Either way, Android casinos give you the freedom and power to enjoy your favourite game regardless of where you are.

You'll Get Notifications When New Games Launch

Tired of the games you found on the casino when you joined? Don't worry. Android casinos are great at pushing notifications of new games. Actually, these notifications can be on anything. You'll be the first to know when:

  • New games are available on the casino
  • There are offers on existing games
  • There are changes in gameplay or rules of existing games

Knowledge is power. The sooner you are aware of changes the better you can plan your games. This information will also come if your favourite game is changing. You will have time to analyse the new rules on time.

Choose a Favourite and Get Started

Wondering how to get started? Simple! Identify a good Android casino, download the app on Play Store, and get started. You can use reviews to find the best or try out a couple on your own.

The only limit to how many Android casinos you can install is the storage capacity of your phone. A budget smartphone can hold over fifteen at a go. This should be more than enough for your online gaming needs.